I’m a French digital artist based in Lyon, France. After studing digital imaging in a visual communication school in Paris at the beginning of the 2000’s, I have developed my skills by working in different positions as graphic designer and photo-retoucher between Paris and London.

In addition to my extensive photo-manipulation abilities, I have developed my own talent as digital artist. I have mainly cultivated a surrealism style with an ethereal mood, sometimes in black and white and sometimes with the use of vibrant colors. I’m constantly trying to further my expertise in digital media. I like to mix all the media tools like painting, 2D and 3D to get a well balanced artwork result. I believe that design should first be beautiful, as human beings naturally like beauty.

I strongly believe that design is not only about style but should also be useful. Finally, design should be innovative if possible. Overall I consider that good design should strengthen life and be optimistic.


Crafting work that has huge emotional impact and raises up the quality of the relationship between people and you. This is the statement I follow daily.
I keep focus on what lasts with a high focus on execution down to the very last details. My abilities are recognized for their wide array of creative capabilities :


Creative / Art Direction

Graphic Art

Digital Art

Retouching / Photomanipulation

3D (Modeling and texturing)


I’ve had the great privilege of being published in several magazines and books for interviews, writing tutorials or featuring.


Buy some of my art prints on Mahlstedt Gallery and Society6

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